Thursday, March 7, 2013

Advanced Grain Marketing Workshop

On Mar 28th I will be conducting a one-day workshop on advanced grain marketing.
THIS JUST IN - more dates and locations:
Apr 3rd - Kindersley
Apr 4th - Swift Current

Topics covered will include:

I       Futures & Basis - fundamentals & advanced topics
II     Forex
         - Implications to flat price
         - Implications to basis
         - Managing forex risk in a marketing plan
III     Spreads & Basis
         - the importance of calendar spreads in a marketing plan
         - how spreads and basis work together
         - best hedging practices in carrying charge markets
         - best hedging practices in inverted markets
IV     Moving contracts
         - rolling hedges
         - rolling basis contracts
V      Grain storage as an asset
         - Earning storage revenue
VI    The power of incremental pricing
VII    Forward pricing
         - the optimal approach to forward pricing
         - combining 
VII    Putting it all together in a marketing or merchandising program

Location:  Gallagher Centre, Yorkton, SK
Time:  9:00 am to 4:30 (or later if we have a good discussion going)

Fee: $500 plus gst
Includes:  all workshop materials, lunch, and a one year subscription to the Advanced Grain Marketing Weekly (a $500 value)
Also, if you sign up to participate in the Advanced Grain Pricing Program for 2013-14, the workshop fee will go toward the program fees.  (For 2013-14 we will be offering the AGP on spring wheat, winter wheat, canola, corn and soybeans)

Call me at 204-487-0036 or email at for more details.
Or Call Joel at Johnston's at 1-800-324-7778 to register.

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