Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Simple Question

I want to try something a little different - a survey.

One simple question:

Do you support the CWB’s purchase of lakers as reported by the CWB on Feb 8th, 2011?

By email to simply answer yes, no, or maybe (don’t know).

Please identify yourself as a designated farmer or not.

Let’s do this as quickly as possible - I will report the results at the Western Barley Growers Association convention later this week in Calgary.  Remember, Ian White is speaking at this convention and it will be an excellent time to let the CWB know how you feel about this.
For more information about the conference, go to

Spread the word.
John De Pape

(I know there's likely a way to do a survey on this weblog, but that would take too much time for me to figure it out.)

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