Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CWB Expenses

Did you know that: 

Since the CWB board of directors was installed...
·         Total administration costs of the CWB have risen by 47%, now sitting at $78.7 million annually
·         Advertising and promotion expenses have risen 314%, now sitting at $2.1 million in 08-09 (the year before the board of directors was in place, the CWB spent $514,400)
·         Human resource costs (salaries and benefits) at the CWB have risen 60%, now sitting at $43 million in 08-09.
·         Outside consulting fees have risen 79%, now sitting at $17.5 million in 08-09
·         The CWB has spent about $88 million for “computer systems” as a “capital asset”, not as an “expense” (this is software development, not desk top computers and printers)

Isn’t it ironic?  Hard-core CWB supporters applaud the CWB for demanding a review of railway rates and figure its good business, but a suggestion to look critically at the CWB and its impact on farm gate returns is “CWB bashing”.  

Don’t shoot the messenger – fix the problem (if you think there is one).

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